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Teasup teas and infusions

A perfect brew

Sourcing superb quality, unique, whole leaf teas is one reason to enjoy a Teasup brew. Our fantastic whole leaf tea is the same whether loose or in one of our lovely biodegradable teabags. To ensure a rich and satisfying experience we use more tea per bag than most others. That’s just one reason Teasup stands out from the crowd. Why not complete the sample request below?
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Four easy steps to perfect teas and infusions

Unlimited possibilities

Loose leaf and tea bags. There is a certain ceremony about serving loose leaf tea, and we have fantastic tea ware to help facilitate this. Sometimes though a bag can be best, and so we have biodegradable bags containing the exact same top grade whole leaf teas.

The range is extensive, with a choice of herbal and fruit teas too. Our training guide can be consulted on the best brewing method and times for each.

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Become a tea master:
Consult our barista manual online or call to request free printed copies for your staff.

Try free samples (trade only)

Don’t just take our word for it, the proof is in the drinking. To talk through all of our options call our friendly sales team on 01279 714527 and we can talk through all the options.

Alternatively fill out our online form with an indication of which teas and whether you would like bags or loose leaf to try.

We dispatch on APC courier on a next day service, and Teasup is available to trade directly only through us here at Marimba.

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Environment and ethics

Importing only the finest whole leaf tea is only part of the story. Drinking better doesn’t just refer to the quality of the tea, but also the quality of life of all those in the supply chain. As a family business we take our responsibilities seriously and that is why with every bag sold we make a donation to Project Waterfall.

Project Waterfall works directly with tea and coffee growing communities to improve the lives and prospects of farmers. The main initiative is to ensure all have access to clean water, no matter how rural the community may be.

We also believe in looking after our environment and we do this several ways:

  • Biodegradable tea pyramids
  • Recyclable pouches
  • Recyclable labels

All our packaging is biodegradable, industrial compostable or recyclable – from start to finish.

A fantastic brew, helping famers and producers, with a light touch on the environment. That’s why your next brew should be Teasup.

Your first order

Ordering Teasup is easy. To help get you started we have our beautiful display jars, perfect for both our bags or looseleaf teas. We have a variety of teaware to help serve the perfect brew in the perfect pot.

Don’t forget our specially made tea infusers designed to offer looseleaf tea brewed directly in a mug.

Orders over £100 come with free delivery, on a six day schedule where Saturday deliveries are no extra cost. We can set you up an account and you can order by phone, email or through our online trade shop.

It couldn’t be easier!

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