The Teasup Breakfast Blend

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This wholesome English breakfast tea features top quality second flush Assams bringing rich full-bodied maltiness, blended with high grown Rwandans and Kenyans for an attractive golden colour and clean brisk taste. Great with a splash of milk and a perfect way to start your day.

Fun fact: The first English breakfast blend actually comes from America! In 1843, Richard Davies, an English apothecary from Hull who had founded a small tea company in New York, made a new mix of tea that he called “English Breakfast”, and the people loved it!

Food pairing: English breakfast, continental breakfast, muesli, porridge, hearty full-flavoured foods, cakes and chocolate.

Brewing instructions: 1-2 teaspoons of loose leaf or 1 pyramid bag. 3 mins at 90-95ºC without milk, 3-5mins at 95-100ºC with milk. Just turn your kettle off before boiling if you don't have a temperature controlled kettle.

Ingredients: Black Tea. Contains Caffeine.

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