Mao Jian Green Tea - Fur Tip

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Stay calm and alert with this gently revitalising green tea. Mao Jian refers to “fur tip”, and this spring crop from the Hunan province in China produces an exquisitely delicate, silky and refreshing green tea to suit any mood throughout the day.  Brew at a slightly lower temperature to bring out the beautifully  sweet floral tones of this lovely liquor.

Food pairing: It goes exceptionally well with hard cheeses like cheddar making them even sweeter and creamier. If you like cheese, you have to try this! It also goes well with chicken, fish, rice and cuts nicely through oily foods.

Brewing instructions: 1 teaspoon of loose leaf or 1 pyramid bag. 2-3 mins at 80ºC. Add more water for a second infusion. It's important to brew green teas at a lower temperature as this avoids any bitterness, and brings out the sweetness. 

Ingredients: Green Tea. Contains Caffeine.

Until at least the end of June, £1 for every large loose leaf pack sold will be donated to Regenerate-RISE, supporting vulnerable isolated elderly including supply boxes due to Coronavirus. 

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