Malawian Rare White Tea - Satemwa Tea Estate

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We bring you this extremely rare, hand-made white peony tea from the family-owned Satemwa Estate in Malawi.  The leaves are so large and beautifully delicate that they're the only leaves that we'll not put in our pyramid bags. The taste is light with a flowery aroma of cut hay and lemon but with an astringency and character that sets it apart from its cousin green tea. White tea is also naturally high in antioxidants and caffeine to help keep you going throughout the day.


Brewing instructions: A large pinch of loose leaf. First brew for five seconds at 100ºC, discard water, and then brew for 1-4 mins at 90ºC. No milk. Strain and add more water for a second infusion.


Good to know: For nearly 100 years, this third generation family owned Satemwa tea estate has been developing  some of the world’s finest teas. It employs local workers who are provided with education and health services to help raise standards of living.  They have a big focus on the environment too, and they’ve developed wildlife corridors - strips of forest between fields - as homes to an array of flora and fauna. In 2007 Satemwa became the first Fairtrade registered tea estate in Malawi, and this was followed by UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certifications soon after.  


Food pairing: Freshly sliced fruits like melons and strawberries, grapes,  light cucumber sandwiches, delicate light cakes, soft cheeses which the tea cuts nicely through.


Ingredients: White Tea. Contains Caffeine.



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