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Teasup Wholesale


Clients increasingly expect higher quality tea when they drink out

Teasup is quickly becoming the go-to supplier of high quality whole leaf tea, infusions and teaware to restaurants, cafes, hotels, pubs, retailers and businesses.

The tea is sourced from top tea gardens across the globe, with a focus on premium quality whole leaf, ethical sourcing (Teasup is member of the Ethical Tea Partnership), and environmentally-friendly packaging (including compostable packaging).

 Teasup provides:
  • Premium and wide ranges of whole leaf tea and infusions served as loose leaf or in biodegradable pyramid bags
  • High quality teaware including modern and elegant tea pots, display jars and infusers
  • Complimentary tea training, education and food pairing
  • A fast and efficient delivery service.


We're independent, passionate about tea and will help you get the most from your drinks offering. Call us on 07855666078 for wholesale and business-to-business enquiries or email info@teasup.co.uk.



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