Ethically Sourced and Environmentally Responsible

We believe that ethical sourcing is a pre-requisite for our tea. That is why we're a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership. 

The Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) is a not-for-profit organisation which convenes tea companies, development agencies, governmental and non­ governmental organisations to improve the lives of communities within the tea sector.

We work in partnership to tackle the deep- rooted issues that are holding back the sustainability of the tea sector. These include: improving the incomes and well-being of farmers and workers; improving living conditions and nutrition; improving the lives and opportunities for women and young people in tea communities and reducing gender-based violence; improving climate change resilience.

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We also believe in an environmentally friendly future. The environmentally responsible packaging that we use for our tea is biodegradable and compostable - our industrial compostable pouches can be reused or disposed of with your green food waste for kerbside collection, as can our industrial compostable tea bags. Our paper and cardboard mailers and packaging material can be recycled with the paper/ card for kerbside collection.

Our commitment environmental responsibility does not stop there and we are continually working to improve the environmental footprint of our business.


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