About Us

We're an independent and modern family-run tea business based in Putney, London, proud to provide above-and-beyond customer service and help people experience incredible tea. With environmental responsibility a priority for us, we are committed to improving the environmental methods in which business is done, such as biodegradable packaging for our tea.

We’ve held a life long passion for tea and throughout our lives we’ve always looked forward to a cup, and we strongly believe that tea is much more than just a taste but an experience. It’s healthy for our body, with a breadth of provenance and geography to rival the finest of wines and spirits… but without the hangover!

From working on deep-sea fishing boats, to surfing in winter British waters, to working at a busy desk in the office, to being with friends and family, to having some tea in front of the television, tea has always been more than just the taste -  but a chance for a bit of me-time, while the busy world revolves around us.

We hope you enjoy these incredible teas and teaware, whatever you are doing,

Phil and Hanna at Teasup.




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