Oolong Tea - Vietnam Oriental Beauty

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An exquisite oolong tea that combines beautiful taste with a fascinating story involving a little insect known as the "Tea Green Leafhopper" who helps to build flavour. Read on for details...

Origin: from the Tam Duong area beneath Mount Fansipan in Vietnam, at elevations of 800-1200 metres, the tea is planted on the leeward side proving optimal humidity and sunshine. It is harvested early Summer and mid Autumn, and once picked the tea is heavily oxidised.

The Tea Green Leafhopper: the tea is grown using the Jin Xuan cultivar which encourages the Leafhopper insect to feed on the leaves. The insect extracts juices from the plant, encouraging the plant to produce the compounds monoterpene and hotrienol which help to develop the tea's unique muscatel flavour. 

Tea Description: the result is an exquisite oolong tea with a mellow, fruity aroma, bright orange colour and a sweet tasting liquor with hints of peach.  The process also causes the buds to turn white along the edges, creating the tea's beautiful appearance.

Food pairing: An exquisite treat on its own, as well as a complement to light fruit desserts, cakes and fresh fruit.

Brewing instructions: 1-2 teaspoons of loose leaf. 3-4 mins as preferred at 90-95ºC. Just turn your kettle off before boiling if you don't have a temperature controlled kettle. Best without milk.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea. Contains Caffeine.

Store in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight.

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